Our Story

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Snazzy Paws is a Canadian Distributor for Walkee Paws, a designer of dog leggings that protect dog’s feet in snow, rain and mud.  

We first came across these leggings when we were searching for a better solution to the dog booties that are available today.  We found everything on the market less than satisfactory, with the balloon versions that are considered one of the best, terrible to use.  They are hard to put on and worse, often fall off when we were walking our dogs.

When we purchased the leggings we found them much easier to put on but the beauty is, once on, they stay on.  They are held on securely by a small harness that is on the back of the dog.  Our dogs were indeed more comfortable in these than anything we had tried in the past.

Our neighbours and people on the street so often stop us to ask where did we get these leggings from as they are so much better than the balloon booties they currently use.  Until now the leggings were not available in Canada.  Now Snazzy Paws distributes the leggings right here in the GTA.

Check out our pups, Chip & Tilly, in the Cocoa and Confetti leggings so you can see how they look in real life.

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